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  Research on Asparagus racemosus

There are many research of Asparagus done by different Organization in India. Some research are been mentioned bellow.

  • A study showed that Asparagus racemosus increased the weight of mammary tissue and milk yield in estrogen-primed rats. Some other studies report antioxytoxic and anti-ADH activity in these saponin fractions isolated from the roots.

  • Another study measuring growth promotion indicated an anabolic action of the Asparagus plant. No studies to date are available which evaluate the effect of Shatavari on serum prolactin levels but several groups are currently preparing such investigations.

  • Another study supported the fact Asparagus racemosus is a potential antioxidant that can be used therapeutically to capture free radicals generating in the body as a result of some pathological reasons and ultimately leading to severe damage to various cells in the body.

  • Antenatal and Prenatal Care, one of the well-known major therapeutic potentials of Asparagus racemosus is its effect on female reproductive system. The study supporting this fact showed that an alcoholic extract of Asparagus racemosus exhibits anti-oxytocic activity. It has also been discovered that the saponin called shatavarin IV, an active component present in Asparagus racemosus is responsible for this activity.

    These researches were done successfully with the appropriate results.

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