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Asparagus adscendens Extract ....

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Introduction: Adaptogenic activity was found in extract of Asparagus adscendens which has a exerted significant protection against stress induced changes. Safed Musli extract is used by Pharmaceutical companies for making herbal capsules.

Process of Extraction: Safed Musli extract is made up from the roots (tubers). The healthy roots are collected and purified by washing. It is dried, powdered and the extraction is done by using suitable extractor and aseptic packaging for storage and transportation.

Safed Musli Herb
Safed Musli Herb Uses of Safed Musli Extract :
  • As the most potent form of safed musli extract, it's dose required for any desirable effect which is too low.

  • Safed musli extract is used for Capsulated form that is easy for storage.

  • Safed musli extract is an energetic one so combats general weakness, and debility.

  • Safed musli extract is taken on regular basis for enhancement of sex power.

  • Safed musli extract is used in formulations of Body-building medicines also.


Our facilities for production of high grade in India are equipped with well furnished labs and production facilities are pharma grades and GMP standards.
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