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Asparagus racemosus Powder ....

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Introduction: Asparagus powder is used by many Pharmaceuticals Company. The powder form of Asparagus is more suitable for intake and also to be digested. It is easy for storage and carrying.

Making Process: Asparagus powder is made up from the healthy roots (Tubers), which is washed properly to remove away the physical impurities if any, and then made into fine powder form followed by suitable packing for storage and transportation.

Asparagus Herb

History: Asparagus herb is used in India by Ayurvedic Medicine Specialist since a long time. As per Ayurvedic Text it is used to increase body strength and cure many diseases such as gastric, post pattern case etc.

Asparagus Herb Uses of Asparagus Powder :
  • As energetic Asparagus powder can be used for increase in body strength.

  • Asparagus powder enhances the power of sex drive and also increases the sperm count.

  • Asparagus powder enhances the lactation and tones up the uterine muscle. So it is very much used in post pattern case.

  • Due to it's stomachic action Asparagus powder is used in case of gastric / duodenal ulcer.

  • Regular use of Asparagus powder also acts as Immuno-modulator.


Our facilities for production of high grade in India are equipped with well furnished labs and production facilities are pharma grades and GMP standards.
For best quality Bulk Asparagus Powder from India, contact us at


  • Council of Scientific and Industrial research (CSIR).

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